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Roemer Insurance pioneered trucking insurance packages and offers a full menu of coverage, including liability, physical damage, motor truck cargo, commercial auto liability, and Workers' Compensation.

The experts at Roemer can design unique programs with large self-retentions, and can put together captive programs for our customers.

Most recently, our in-house experts have developed a one-of-a-kind, Web-based application called INERTIA, Internet-based Electronic Real Time Information Access. This interactive tool gives customers access to a live database to manage fleet owner-operator programs. This means fleet owners themselves can make changes, such as adding or deleting equipment and drivers from their roster of independent contractors.

Roemer also offers access to claims managers, safety consultants, and a customer service staff dedicated to and educated in trucking specific insurance, 24/7.

For General Questions or a Quote Please Call 1-800-462-1993

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Claims Management

The true measure of any insurance when a customer suffers a loss is in how quickly the company responds. Losses in the trucking industry in particular can be overwhelming, and may include injuries and even hazardous cleanup. Our claims manager, Shawn Alexander, handles clients’ claims for Roemer Insurance. He is available 24/7 to be the advocate for our insured customers and to help them at a critical time.

As a Roemer client, here is what you can expect from us in a time of need:

  1. 24-Hour Toll-free Claims Hotline: 1-800-462-1993
  2. Over 80 Years Trucking Industry Experience
  3. Expedient and Fair Claims Resolution
  4. Diligent Follow-Through
  5. Long-standing Insurance Industry Relationships


The experts at have developed a service-oriented, Internet-based application to manage insurance for your fleet of independent contractors.

The internally developed system is called INERTIA – Internet-based Electronic Real Time Information Access. It provides up-to-date information on the status of your owner/operators’ insurance coverage.

It also allows the fleet owner to instantaneously add or delete drivers or equipment, and to track those changes. In addition, the program gives him the ability to print certificates of insurance in-house.

Several occupational/accident programs, as well as contingent liability to protect the motor carrier, are available as well. E-mail to learn more.

"The whole Roemer team has been instrumental in me being able to continue a profitable business."

  • - Renae Garrett,
  • Owner Operator, RG Hauling LLC

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