Step 7) Demand Integrity & Professionalism

Let The Agents Know You Expect Quality Results Throughout The Truck Insurance Buying Process

Respect your Incumbent Agent - After all, He SHOULD win. And you should always demand professionalism from your incumbent and challengers alike. Let them know you expect them to meet deadlines, communicate with you every step of the way and follow your guidelines. Call them on any lapses. If they have let you down in any significant respect, let them know. After all, if you don’t tell them you expect something different than what they are doing, how will they know? When the Doctor asks "Where does it hurt?" you don't tell your physician to guess. Give clear guidance of your expectations and you will get your best outcome.

Among the guidelines you will set down are:

1) Only go to the insurance companies you are cleared to approach;


3) Deliver my loss runs to me promptly;

4) Communicate with me only via the method I choose (phone call/voice mail, via your assistant/designee, email, text … it gets messy if the agents are all communicating with you however they wish); And most importantly:

5) Deliver my quote when you say you are going to. Give me plenty of time to make a deliberate and well-considered decision.

6) DO NOT STRING ME OUT TO THE LAST MINUTE. This is a common tactic used by unscrupulous agents and underwriters to give themselves a tactical advantage. Don’t put up with it.

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