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I was very skeptical about letting our insurance company send their safety guy down to talk at our summer company picnic. We’ve done that in the past and the drivers were bored and didn’t get anything out of it. But I have to say that Shawn really impressed me. He didn’t talk down to the drivers and beat them up. He actually patted them on the back in the categories they deserved it in and explained what they needed to do better in the categories that could use it. But the point is he was realistic and applied the CSA data in a way that was relevant to them. It really seemed to make them stop and think about how one individual can affect the whole group. Shawn was able to keep their attention very well. I think it was partly because the drivers could tell that he had been out in the real world and could relate with what they were going through. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone.

- Logan Graber

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