Roemer Insurance Winner of the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics


“We are truly honored and humbled by the well wishes and congratulations we have received from so many people upon receiving the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics,” said Wellington F. “Rocky” Roemer III, President and CEO of Roemer Insurance.

“We have such great respect for the excellent work the Better Business Bureau does for Northwest Ohio companies and the public. To receive this award is a high honor.”

Founded in Toledo in 1934 by Rocky’s grandfather,Wellington F. “Dud” Roemer, the agency has always maintained a focus on serving the trucking industry.

“We’re very fortunate to have been continually serving our clients for eight decades. It’s truly a tribute to all the excellent people who have come before us and built this agency over time, one customer at a time and one policy at a time,” Rocky said. “From my grandfather to my father; to all the wonderful employees and all the loyal customers we’ve had; it is the relationships we’ve enjoyed over the years that have brought us to this place.”

Roemer Insurance offers its wealth of trucking insurance expertise for motor carriers throughout the Midwest; its independent contractor owner/operator brand, Insure My Rig, serves truckers all over the country. Additionally, The Roemer Report, an online digest, provides valuable information for trucking executives.

“It’s rare for any company to prosper for 80 years; not too many firms are successful for three generations,” Roemer stated, “We have a marvelous group of employees at Roemer today. Every one of us understands that we have a strong and prosperous company now because of the efforts of all the people who came before us. Along with our superb staff, Roemer’s reputation in the marketplace among our customers and insurance carriers is -– our most valuable asset.”

“We will work hard to continue to be deserving of this award for integrity and ethical business practices.”

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