Fewer Accidents = Lower Insurance Claims Costs = Greater Bottom Line Profits

  • Roemer Insurance presents ProSight Specialty Insurance with Secure Fleet Safety package. Your best solution to substantially lower overall insurance costs and to expand your bottom line profit margin.

Save up to 4 cents for every mile driven!

ProSight is proud to deliver in conjunction with our expert agency force SecureFleet℠, a best in class offering designed to help increase productivity and improve profitability while answering some of the most prevalent industry issues today. SecureFleet bundles four powerful solutions into one offering for your benefit.


Driver Rewards

A driver centric rewards platform that helps motor carriers increase the retention of their safest, most engaged and most compliant drivers.

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Video Safety Program

Game changing video recording technology combined with a proprietary coaching methodology that can reduce fuel costs, maintenance costs, and accident related costs through improved driver behavior.

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Fleet Management

A comprehensive fleet management solution that helps fleets comply with the 2017 FMCSA hours of service mandate, while potentially increasing fleet productivity by automating various functions across the board.

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Drug Free Operations Powered By Foley

An enhanced drug testing program that can help fleets reduce the costly churn of unqualified, drug using drivers.

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